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Surana Industries has been  involved in the processing, branding and trading of  variety of quality rices and their by products. Our strength is premium quality joha, aijon, ranjit, bahadur, swarna masoori rice as per our customer satisfaction.

A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms and we are working hard to fulfill it.


  • Tulsi Joha Rice

    Shanti Bhog Tulsi Joha Rice is popular for its great aroma and equally  exotic remarkable taste.

  • Aijung Rice

    Shanti Bhog Aijong Rice is eater's taste delight. Aijung Rice grains are medium & superfine slender.

  • Ranjit Rice

    Shanti Bhog Ranjit Rice is popular rice variety of Assam. Ranjit rice is used in delicious recipes.

  • Rice Bran

    Shanti Bhog Rice Bran is produced from outer layer of brown rice grain.It is used for animal feeds.

Exciting Ricipes

Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a little spicy. It is a very common type of rice food eaten mostly in Asian countries. Since rice are cooked


Veg Biryani

Vegetable Biryani is a rich and exotic rice dish with spicy vegetables. Biryani is a popular Mughali dish that has


Sweet Rice

It is one of the popular cuisines prepared on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. It is simply delicious to eat. 


Garlic Rice

Garlic rice is healthy and one of the easiest recipes to prepare. It has few ingredients which are usually present at