We have set up an integrated modern high-tech rice milling and processing plant, we have a Small commercial multi-stage mill and manufacturing plant which is located in Kharupetia with a production capacity of 7 tonnes per day of superior quality rice like Joha, Ranjit, Swarna Masoori & Aijon. Our sophisticated machinery and equipment possess advanced technology for production, inspection, quality control, storage & transportation of rice. The finished products are further packaged by using modern systems and stored in our high capacity warehouse.

Our Facilities

We cautiously select Paddy which is taken to multi stage commercial rice processing plant. Here paddy is dried uniformly and processed to reduce moisture content and then stored carefully in the safe and hygienic warehouses. We have a fully automatic pneumatic rubber roll control system for De-husking and paddy separators are used to get the rice free from paddy kernels. After de-husking, paddy is then polished and sent for cleaning.

We have hygienic and safe warehousing facility for keeping the products fresh and uncontaminated for a long time and also to protect them from rodents and other pests. We have a dedicated and hard working team of professionals to supervise the warehouse.  All the safety equipment have been provided to the store keepers to save the produce from any kind of unprecedented accident.