Why Us ?

This page demonstrates Shanti Bhog's strengths that distinguish us among our competitors. At Surana Industries, we are focused about Aroma, Length, Cooking and Nutritional value of Rice. We can proudly assert that we have not let our quality deteriorate at any point of time. That is why our Brand of Rice is gaining fast popularity and catching the tasting buds of perceptive consumers.

How we Differ from our competitors:

  • Purchase of Paddy (Dhaan) is done by the owner's father Mr. Shanti Lal to ensure the superior quality Paddy.
  • We buy paddy from selected regions to maintain a cosistent superior most quality.
  • While processing rice, we personally supervise everything.
  • We do fumigation in our warehouses, so that pest doesn't destroy our rice.
  • Availability of unskilled labour and trusted employees who are working with us from a long time.